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Night Watch at Sunset



Latest Position....?Back in Cairns for the summer, now its time to write a report on my solar project, sort out all the pictures and movies. Bought a ticket for a 6 weeks holiday in Denmark, time to visit all my family again. Departure 15 June, back 30.July. 

Departure Cairns for Papua New Guinea mid August with a little luck. Have 2 yachts that have contacted me so far, just as well since I have bought 1500 m cable on 5 roles and a big role of second hand cable. they volunterred TO HELP ME TRANSPORT SOLAR PANELS, BATTERY TO THE ISLANDS IN AUGUST OR SEPTEMBER.


In 2013 I started a Solar Light Project, whereby I collect second hand solar panels, batteries, volt regulators. Buy cable from recycle shop and buy LED lights and whatever I need for installing the lights on E Bay, this way I easily can install lights in the villages.
 2014 was another busy year helping the people, Cyclone Ita made a mess out of the place, gardens, houses washed away. Still managed to install lights in 8 villages.

In 2015 this project will keep going as I have been given founding to buy 10 solar panels, volt regulators, LED lights and cable.If you like to support my project with a small cash donation, leave it at paypal svseagoon@gmail.com, .


Night Watch at Sunset



Contact me for my fully updated to 2014 electronic cruising guides to Solomon Islands and PNG 


SV Seagoon is a 38' cruising yacht sailing the east coast of Australia and the South Pacific.
I have a 1/4 berth for 1 crew( as the boat is full up with lots of gear) .

From the first day you will fill like you are 1000 miles from the rest of the world

 You Tube Link Here you can see a few small movies from PNG and my lasted interview on Ch 7 Cairns News

 ABC Interview 20-2-2014 Interview with Richard Dinnen on ABC Far North Drive March 12 2013 Show about Solar Project ( )

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 Hans Clemmensen Blog from 2013 Trying to get a few things together and then blog about the Solar light Project in PNG 2013 later

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